This GIF Challenge was made/created by http://teainthewind.tumblr.com/ and http://lazyotter.tumblr.com/

Use every 8th gif

- Your reaction when Hans Landa registers your house looking for jews:

Look at that sexy nazi arse. (?)

- You before join The Basterds:

I’m a warrior :U

- Your reaction when The Basterds ask you to join them:

- You watching the Jew Bear batting nazis:


- You cutting scalps:

- Your reaction when you’re noticed that your cinema will be full of nazis:

Come here, sweeties.

- You eating strudel with cream with Hans Landa:

- When you decided to burn down your cinema (full of nazis):

Nazis retained in a cinema x Fire/Guns/explosions are my OTP.

- Your reaction when you’re noticed that you are going to fight in a basement:

Why so many gifs of America? damn it D:

- You when you see that the basement is full of drunk nazis:

Time for swedish dancing, madafakas. ‘cause Su-san worth it. 

- You playing “Who Am I”:

- The moment when you notice that you were Justin Bieber:

Feel my rage.

- You ordering three whiskies (non german style)

- You being discovered (and having a gun pointing to your balls):

etto… em… hi, gentlemen. :U

- You during the gunfire:

- You making the film ONLY for Nazis:

French porn movie with an austrian is perfect.

- You going to the premiere (in the german night):


- You speaking badly italian:

- Your face when you notice that Hans Landa speaks italian better than you:

- You watching the movie:

- You burning down the cinema:


- You playing Bingo >:D with the colonel Hans Landa:

- You making ”art” in Hans Landa’s forehead:


Sorry for the bad english.

We are spanish

and stupid :D

and we play bingo :U


Omfg, I’m so proud of have contributed in the creation of this gif challenge. :’D

It’s the greatest work of my life. (?)

[Posted Julio 18th, 2012 at 2:37 AM]
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